Yume Hinata (日向 ゆめ Hinata Yume) is the main human protagonist of the Mewkledreamy anime, and is the partner of Mew. She first appears in Episode 1.

She is voiced by Natsumi Murakami.



Yume has long, light blonde hair that frames her face in the front and curls at the sides and back. She typically wears a lilac plaid headband with a heart-shaped clip on the side.

Her school uniform consists of a white shirt with dark pink cuffs and four buttons, as well as a dark pink pleated skirt, white socks, dark brown shoes, and a red bowtie. As for her summer uniform, she wears a short-sleeved shirt with a light blue vest and a creamy-white skirt with a red stripe at the bottom.

Her pajamas consist of a pink frilly long-sleeved dress over pink knee-length pants with frilled trim. The cuffs have white lace and it also has white lace along the chest, as well as a white collar and a white button in front.


She was 12 at the beginning, and turned 13 in Episode 19.


Yume is a bright girl who is full of energy. She is also a bit of a clumsy scatterbrain, and she can be troublesome at times.


Mew: Mew is Yume's kitten partner. Yume was shocked and confused by her at first, but decides to collect Dreamy Stones with her so that she can make her wish come true.

Maira Tsukishima: Maira is one of Yume's friends from school. They are both Dream Partners.

Kotoko Imai: Yume looks up to Kotoko and ends her name with "senpai". She also is a Dream Partner.

Asahi Minamikawa: Asahi is Yume's classmate and neighbour, as well as childhood friend.

Haruhito Sugiyama: Yume had a crush on Haruhito. In the later part of the story, she begins to support the relationship between him and Yuri.

Yuri Sawamura: At first, Yume felt complex at her close relationship with Haruhito. However, in the later part of the story, she begins to support the relationship between her and Haruhito.

Tokiwa Anzai: Tokiwa is Yume's classmate and friend who just transferred to her school. They are both Dream Partners.

Yume's father: Mr. Hinata is Yume's father. His interest on stones affects Yume, causing her to be quite knowledgeable on stones.

Haruna Hinata: Haruna is Yume's mother. As the mother of her, Haruna is kind and friendly to her.

Wakaba Midorino, Kaede Akana, Hana Shiraishi, Shouhei Kitada: They are Yume's friends since grade school.

Teacher Aoi: Aoi is Yume's class teacher.

Misaki Konno: Misaki is the leader of the cheerleading club, which Yume is belonged to.

Yui Aida: Yui practices cheerleading with Yume as a member of the cheerleading club. She is Yume's senior.

Nana Gotou: Nana is Yume's younger cousin.


  • The name Yume means "dream, vision" (ゆめ).
  • Yume's surname Hinata means "sunny place" (日向).


  • Yume shares her name and surname with several characters from the Aikatsu! series.
    • She shares her name with Yume Nijino from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
    • She shares her surname with Ema Hinata from the Aikatsu Friends! series.
  • Yume seems to love the color pink as she owns a lot of pink belongings.
  • Yume doesn't like tomatoes.
  • Yume has a crush on someone from Junior High.
  • In Episode 2 it is shown that Yume is a fan of manga Cheer Ciao.
  • Yume is bad at Math as shown in Episode 9 and got a "Duck" (failed) grade in Math in the first semester as shown in Episode 15.
  • In Episode 36 it revealed that her father gave her the name Yume in hopes that she would have wonderful dreams.


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