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Yuni's cute

AsaYume is great


Bless HaruYuri too

Hi, everyone.. nice to meet you all.

To be honest, before this franchise announced getting an anime adaption, I paid little attention to Mewkledreamy. But when it did, it somehow caught my attention and I became looking forward to watching the anime (well, I like Sanrio, and this is the first new Sanrio anime announced since 2018; also this gives me vibes of my favourite franchise of all time: Jewelpet). My enthusiasm will not be as much as those who like Mewkle from the very beginning, but I hope to find joy in the anime, and better, the original franchise.

(2020/7) Update: I enjoy it very much. Also became Yume×Asahi supporter.

I am absolutely not an expert on writing or editing Wiki, but I will try my best to edit according to my knowledge on this franchise.

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