Tsugi and Hagi (つぎ&はぎ) are two of the antagonists of the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in Episode 3.

Tsugi's voice actress is Misaki Kuno and Hagi's is Natsumi Fujiwara.




They end their sentences with "~tsugi" and "~hagi" respectively.


Yuni: Yuni is the creator of Tsugi and Hagi. They like Yuni very much, and he also treasures them a lot.

The Queen of Nightmare: They work for the Queen to help spread Black Abysses with Yuni.

Haruhito Sugiyama: Haruhito is Yuni's partner that is assigned by the Queen, so they also follow Haruhito. Before he knew about their partnership, Yuni and co. had lived in Haruhito's house for a while.

Akihito Sugiyama: Akihito is Yuni's partner starting from Mix!.


Tsugi and Hagi follow and obey Yuni, working together to help messing up people's dreams. They were created by Yuni out of loneliness, and they started speaking soon after he finished making them.


  • Tsugi and Hagi, when combined, forms the Japanese word tsugihagi, meaning "splicing" and "patching", matching the fact of they being patchwork plush kittens made by Yuni.
  • The only obvious differences between them is the placement of their bowties.


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