Tokiwa Anzai (安西 ときわ Anzai Tokiwa) is one of the five main human protagonists the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in Episode 8 as a cameo, and formally debuting in Episode 13. Her partner is Nene.

Her voice actress is Ai Fairouz.




She was 13 at the beginning, and turned 14 in Episode 3 of Mix!.


Tokiwa is adventurous and excellent at sports, and is also good at playing piano, astronomy and biology.


Nene: Nene is Tokiwa's partner.

Yume Hinata & Maira Tsukishima: They are Tokiwa's classmates and friends who are also Dream Partners.

Kotoko Imai: Kotoko is Tokiwa's senior who is also a Dream Partner.

Kanta and Kenta Anzai: They are Tokiwa's younger brothers who are a pair of twins. As an older sister, she takes care of them.

Asahi Minamikawa, Wakaba Midorino, Kaede Akana, Hana Shiraishi, Shouhei Kitada: They are Tokiwa's classmates.

Teacher Aoi: Aoi is Tokiwa's class teacher.

Misaki Konno: Misaki is the leader of the cheerleading club, which Tokiwa is belonged to.

Yui Aida: Yui practices cheerleading with Tokiwa as a member of the cheerleading club. She is Tokiwa's senior.

Hasegawa: Hasegawa is the leader of the choir club, which Tokiwa is belonged to.


Tokiwa is a transfer student of Ichigo Junior High School, coming from the Yamanashi Prefecture. Before transferring to Yume's school, she discovered Nene by a river. After transferring, she enters the cheerleading club and the choir club.



  • Tokiwa was in the astronomy club in at her previous school as mention in Episode 14.
  • Tokiwa is not the best in school when it is not biology or PE.


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