Suu (すう) is one of the main kitten protagonists from the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 5. She is also a part of the Mewkledreamy franchise.

In the anime, her partner is Kotoko.

Her voice actress is Hisako Kanemoto.



Suu is a light blue plush kitten with white paws, a white muzzle, and a long tail. Her ears are bent over at the tips, making her resemble a Scottish fold cat. She wears blue glasses, a blue ribbon on her neck, and a blue beaded accessory on her right ear. Like the other main kittens, she has pink star-shaped paw pads and a yellow star in her left ear.


Suu is clever and gentle. She ends her sentences with "~desu".


Kotoko Imai: Kotoko is Suu's partner.

Yuni: Yuni is Suu and co.'s rival.


Similar to Mew, Suu fell from the sky before meeting her human partner. She landed on the roof of Kotoko's house, and was discovered and picked up by Kotoko after a rainy day. Suu's glasses have several abilities, including detecting Black Abysses and watching past events by rewinding time as shown in Episode 12.


  • Suu is a Japanese term referring to numbers and mathematics, indicating that part of Suu's personality might be that she is good at calculating things.
  • She shares her name with Suu from Shugo Chara! series.


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