Rei (れい) is a kitten character from the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 19. He is also a part of the Mewkledreamy franchise.

His full name is Rei de Richard (レイ・ド・リシャール Rei do Rishāru). In the anime, his partner is Asahi.

His voice actress is Mutsumi Tamura.



Rei is a white plush kitten. He has a blue hair tuft and a long tail with a bit of pale purple at its end. He wears a light blue collar with a purple bow, as well as a yellow ring with a star around his right leg. Like the main kittens, he has pink star-shaped paw pads and a yellow star in his left ear.


Rei calls himself "a prince of a royal family from the country of love".


Asahi Minamikawa: Asahi is Rei's partner.

Yuni: Yuni is Rei and co.'s rival.


Similar to Mew, Rei fell from the sky before meeting his human partner.


  • Rei knows some French words as shown in Episode 20.


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