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Peko (ぺこ) is one of the main kitten protagonists from the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 3. He is also a part of the Mewkledreamy franchise.

In the anime, his partner is Maira.

His voice actress is Yurika Kubo.



Peko is a cream-colored plush kitten with light orange ears, arms, and legs, making him resemble a pastel Siamese cat. He has a long tail and his ears have more rounded tips than Mew's do. He wears a yellow bandana with orange polka dots around his neck, and he also has a light blue bag with a dark blue star on it. Like the other main kittens, he has pink star-shaped paw pads and a yellow star in his left ear.


Peko loves eating. He also likes to make everyone laugh. He speaks Kansai dialect.


Maira Tsukishima: Maira is Peko's partner. They have the same interest in comedy, and make a comedy duo named "Dasshi♡Fun'nyuu" (だっし♡ふんにゅう; lit. "skim milk powder").

Yuni: Yuni is Peko and co.'s rival.


Similar to Mew, Peko fell from the sky before meeting his human partner.


  • His name may come from the Japanese word pekopeko, meaning "very hungry", indicating that part of his personality might be a love for eating.


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