Nene (ねね) is a kitten character from the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 8, and formally debuting in Episode 13. She is also a part of the Mewkledreamy franchise.

In the anime, her partner is Tokiwa.

Her voice actress is Marika Kouno.



Nene is a pale pink plush kitten with pink stripes, making her resemble a tabby cat. She has a long tail. She wears a pink necklace around her neck, and she also has a red flower decoration on her left ear. Like the main kittens, she has pink star-shaped paw pads and a yellow star in her left ear.


Nene is cheerful and kind, and likes taking care of others. She is good at dream divination, sports and singing. She loves flowers.


Tokiwa Anzai: Tokiwa is Nene's partner.

Yuni: Yuni is Nene and co.'s rival.


Similar to Mew, Nene fell from the sky before meeting her human partner. She was dropped into a floating boot in a river, and was then discovered by Tokiwa.



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