The Mircale Dreamy Kingdom (ミラクルドリーミー王国 Mirakurudorīmī Ōkoku) is a location in the Mewkledreamy series. It's a magical place in the sky, and the birthplace of Mew, Peko, Suu, Nene, Rei and Chia.

Currently, it is ruled by both Lucia and Lyra.


The Miracle Dreamy Kingdom is a magical place high up in the sky. It is the residence of small fairies, as well as the place of origin for the plush kittens in the series. It is ruled by Lucia, the Queen Above the Skies.

In Episode 27, the Queen brought Yume Hinata, Asahi Minamikawa, Maira Tsukishima, Kotoko Imai, Tokiwa Anzai, Mew, Peko, Suu, Nene and Rei to the castle to prevent them from going to the strange castle on Ichigo Hill. Yume and her friends got to explore the castle when playing a snack finding game with the Queen. According to the fairies, they can only enter the castle from the entrance and they have to use Mewkle Stick to open doors in the castle like the entrance door of the castle, the fridge in the castle kitchen etc. Two fairies temporary lend Kotoko, Asahi, Maira and Tokiwa there own Mewkle Stick when they visited the Miracle Dreamy Castle.

Starting from the last part of Episode 47, Lyra, the former Queen of Nightmares, joined Lucia to become another ruler.

In Mix! Episode 1 it’s shown there is a room in the castle where the queen let the Dreamy Partners uses for there any of there desire instead of the computer club room at Ichigo Junior High School. Mew and Yume door to it has Mew Bow, Peko and Maira door has a blue bag, Suu and Kotoko door has glasses, Tokiwa and Nene door has Nene flower accessory and Asahi and Rei door has Rei hair. The Dreamy Partners bedrooms are linked to it and can be accessed thanks to the Mewkle Star.



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