The Mewkle Stick (ミュークルステッキ Myūkuru sutekki) is a magic wand appears in the Mewkledreamy anime. A toy version of it was released in Japan during Spring 2020.


The Mewkle Stick allows Yume and Mew to collect Dreamy Stones by eliminating Black Abysses. It can also let the user cast different magic, including awakening Dreamy Mates.

When casting magic through the Mewkle Stick, the following spell is needed to be chanted:

"Hope you can have a nice dream!" (素敵な夢を見れますように! Suteki na yume o miremasu yōni!)
"Power of dream, gather around!" (夢の力よ 集まって! Yume no chikara yo atsumatte!)
"Shine! Mewkle Stick!" (輝け! ミュークルステッキ! Kagayake! Myūkuru Sutekki!)
"The hearts! Of us two! Become one!" (二人の!心を!一つに! Futari no! Kokoro o! Hitotsu ni!)
"Mewkle! Sparkle! Kuru Kuru Dreamy!" (ミュークル!スパークル!クルクルドリーミー! Myūkuru! Supākuru! Kurukuru Dorīmī!)

In Episode 25, it is reveal that the Mewkle Stick can obtain a new power when inserting one of the differently coloured Dreamy Stones into it. As different Dreamy Stones have different power, one chooses the one base on the situation. Rei chose one for the first time but starting from Episode 26, the Queen Above the Skies chooses the Stones instead.

When the powered-up magic is casted, a part of the spell is changed to:

"The hearts! Of us all! Become one!" (みんなの!心を!一つに! Min'na no! Kokoro o! Hitotsu ni!)


In Episode 27, two fairies temporary lend Asahi Minamikawa, Maira Tsukishima, Kotoko Imai and Tokiwa Anzai their own Mewkle Stick when they visited the Miracle Dreamy Castle.

Staring from Episode 44, Yume's Mewkle Stick can be upgraded into Mewkle Rain-Bow.


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