Maira Tsukishima (月島 まいら Tsukishima Maira) is one of the five main human protagonists in the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 1. Her partner is Peko.

She is voiced by Ayasa Itō.



Maira has fairly long, slightly curly hair that is light brown or dirty blonde with a straight fringe across her forehead, blue eyes and pierced ears.

Her school uniform is different from Yume Hinata's and Kotoko Imai's. She wears a pink sweater with four buttons, a white collar shirt, a red bow tie, and, a dark pink pleated skirt. As for her summer uniform, she wears her pink sweater and a creamy-white skirt with a red hem.


Maria was 12, and turned 13 in Episode 28.


Maira loves fashion, but she also loves comedy. She speaks Kansai dialect and has a habit of saying "my love".


Peko: Peko is Maira's partner. They have the same interest in comedy, and make a comedy duo named "Dasshi♡Fun'nyuu" (だっし♡ふんにゅう; lit. "skim milk powder").

Yume Hinata: Yume is Maira's calssmate and friend. They are both Dream Partners.

Kotoko Imai: Kotoko is Maira's senior who is also a Dream Partner.

Tokiwa Anzai: Tokiwa is Maira's classmate and friend who just transferred to her school. They are both Dream Partners.

Asahi Minamikawa, Wakaba Midorino, Kaede Akana, Hana Shiraishi, Shouhei Kitada: They are Maira's classmates.

Teacher Aoi: Aoi is Maira's class teacher.

The Caroling Beef Tongues: She is a fan of them.


Maira is a junior model for the fashion magazine "Petit Strawberry" (プチストロベリー), which is popular among teen girls. She is also Yume Hinata's classmate.

In Episode 3, it was mentioned she became a model because there was a magazine she found at the beauty salon she had been visiting since she was little where she discovered a amateur model application by Petite Strawberry which the contest host was her favourite comedy duo, The Caroling Beef Tongues. She thought she able to meet them if she entered the contest but end up winning it.


  • Maira's surname Tsukishima means "moon" (月) (tsuki) and "island" (島) (shima).


  • Maria's mother had passed away on Maira's 11th birthday as revealed in Episode 28.
  • In Episode 17 she mentioned she doesn’t like Natto.
  • In Episode 28 she mention she got a birthday card from The Caroling Beef Tongues once she revealed she's a fan of them in a issue of Petite Strawberry.
  • Maira is bad at Math as shown in Episode 9 and got a "Duck" (failed) grade in Math in the first semester as shown in Episode 15.
  • In Episode 15 according to Maira the Yukata that Maria wore for the festival belonged to her mother when Maira was little.
  • In Episode 34 it revealed that she won last year Petite Strawberry Popularity Contest and near the end of the episode she won the current year Petite Strawberry Popularity Contest. She's also fan of Apon Milk from Apon Ranch.


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