Lyra (ライラ Raira) / The Queen of Nightmares (悪夢の女王様) is an antagonist of the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in Episode 12. She becomes a supportive role in Mewkledreamy Mix!.

Her voice actress is Aya Hisakawa.





Yuni: Yuni is her servant, and she is the reason he is alive to begin with. The Queen considers him useless but still worries about him regardless, mainly because she thinks he needs help for him to actually be useful.

Mew: Mew is the Queen's biggest enemy.

Black Fairies: They serve her by creating plush kittens like Yuni that work to spread Black Abysses and nightmares in the same fashion that the fairies that work for the Queen Above the Skies do with pleasant dreams. They were originally fairies from Miracle Dreamy Kingdom.

Haruhito Sugiyama: Making use of his inferiority towards Akihito, the Queen controls Haruhito to make him become a partner of Yuni's and interfere the purification of Black Abysses, as well as to steal Dreamy Stones. The reason the Queen chose him is that his experience is similar to hers.

Lucia / The Queen Above the Skies: Lucia/the Queen Above the Skies is her younger sister. They were in a good relationship when they were young, but she felt inferior that her sister was more popular around the fairies despite her hard work. After her sister accidentally burnt her pickled radish, she left the kingdom, and became even angrier finding out her sister, after becoming the Queen, seems not to care about her leaving. At the end of the season, she reconciled with her sister, and moved back to the kingdom, becoming the Queen of the kingdom with her.



  • In Episode 37, it is shown that while observing Haruhito and talking to Haruhito that she has a moon staff.
  • Her face was revealed in Episode 44.
  • In Episode 46 she is also revealed to be four years older than her younger sister when revealing her tale to Yume and Mew.
  • Her real name was revealed in Episode 1 of Mewkledreamy Mix!.



Mewkledreamy Mix!

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