This page contains a complete list of all episodes of Mewkledreamy along with their air dates and short summaries.


No. Screenshot Episode Title Japanese airdate
01 Mewkledreamy - 01 - Japanese.png The Story of the Beginning
Hajimari no sutōrī (はじまりのストーリー)
April 05, 2020
Yume Hinata, who will be in the first year of junior high school this spring, picks up a stuffed animal that has fallen from the sky the day before the entrance ceremony. The stuffed animal is called "Mew" and has the power of "Dream Synchro", which allows a person to enter into the same dream when they connect with their partner. At first, Yume doesn't believe that she's still dreaming. Meanwhile, something is wrong with Yume's mom. "Mom, what's wrong?" Mew invites Yume, who is worried, to "let's go into her dream with Dream Synchro"...
02 Mewkledreamy - 02 - Japanese.png Trial Club Joining with Dream Synchro
Yumeshinkuro de kari nyūbu (ユメシンクロで仮入部)
April 12, 2020
Yume, who became friends with Mew, a stuffed animal that fell from the sky.

Yume is asked by the Queen of "Miracle Dreamy Kingdom" on the sky to collect "Dreamy Stones" with Mew. What's more, if she collects a lot, she can make her dream come true! Yume is excited to see what kind of dream she can make! Meanwhile, a club activity introduction meeting is held at junior high school. Yume has wanted to join the cheerleading club since she was in elementary school, but she started to get lost when she met Sugiyama, who is also the student council president and tennis manager.

03 Mewkledreamy - 03 - Japanese.png Let's Enter Senpai's Dream
Senpai no yume ni haitchao (先輩の夢に入っちゃお)
April 19, 2020
Yume, who decided to join the cheerleading club, immediately participated in the morning training. She is enjoying her junior high school life while enjoying "secret life" with Mew. She is looking forward to seeing her longing senior Sugiyama every day.

Meanwhile, Yume, who came to be in the dreams of others with "Dream Synchro" with Mew, wants to be in the dreams of Sugiyama...For some reason, it was another person's dream that "Dream Synchro" had led Yume to...? Whose dream is this!?

04 Mewkledreamy - 04 - Japanese.png Another Dreamy Mate?
Mōhitori no dorīmī meito? (もう一人のドリーミーメイト?)
April 26, 2020
Yume has become friends with her classmate, Maira Tsukishima. Maira is a popular reader model in the magazine "Petit Strawberry", commonly known as "Ichimo". She loves comedy and am struggling to set up a "comedy research department" at school.

One day, Yume goes to see Maira working as a model. On their way back, she stopped by Maira's house and had dinner with her, but in Maira's room there was a stuffed animal that looked a lot like Mew! Maybe this stuffed animal is...?

05 Mewkledreamy - 05 - Japanese.png Kotoko and Kotokoto
Kotoko to kotokoto (ことことコトコト)
May 31, 2020
Peko, a stuffed animal, and Maira Tsukishima, a classmate who became a "dream partner". Yume and Mew are completely close friends with Maira and Peko.

Meanwhile, Yume inadvertently loses the bag containing Mew at school. Yume is in a hurry to find the school... It was a robot that picked up Mew! Yume, who learned that it was made by Kotoko Imai, the director of the personal computer department, thanked him immediately. Then, Kotoko, who had a cool image, was very kind to talk to...

06 Mewkledreamy - 06 - Japanese.png The First Mid-Term Test
Hajimete no chūkan tesuto (はじめての中間テスト)
June 07, 2020
Yume has become accustomed to life with Mew and her new school life.

When she noticed it, it was the first mid-term test in her life! Yume and Maira, who are not ready at all, decide to go to Kotoko's house and study together. On the other hand, Kotoko picked up a soaked stuffed animal one rainy day. The stuffed animal has a different color, but it looks a bit like Mew and Peko...

07 Mewkledreamy - 07 - Japanese.png Hurray! Hurray! Childhood Friend
Fure! Fure! Osananajimi (フレッ!フレッ!おさななじみ)
June 14, 2020
Asahi, a childhood friend who lives next to Yume, is in the tennis club. Speaking of the tennis club, with Yume's longing senior Sugiyama!

A practice game for the tennis club will be held. And Yume promises to go support Sugiyama, who will participate in the game, and is very excited! However, one of the second graders who is scheduled to participate in the game was injured, and Asahi will participate instead. I've just joined the club, what's going on?

08 Mewkledreamy - 08 - Japanese.png A Big Quarrel in the Camp School!?
Rinkan gakkō de ō genka!? (林間学校で大ゲンカ!?)
June 21, 2020
Yume and other first-year students go to the forest school, which also serves as an orientation for new students. Of course, Mew and Peko are also together. Meanwhile, Yume and her friend Wakaba from elementary school seem to have fallen in love with boys in the same class. Similarly, from elementary school, Kaede, a friend of Yume's, tries to put them together between her favorite boy and the forest school for Wakaba. Yume and Maira will also cooperate...Wakaba got angry when she knew it...
09 Mewkledreamy - 09 - Japanese.png The Melancholy of Q-chan
Kyū-chan no yūutsu (きゅうちゃんのゆううつ)
June 28, 2020
Mew is afraid of dogs. However, Yume has a dog called Q-chan, and every time she barks, Mew runs away. One day, Q-chan isn't feeling well. Yume, who was worried, takes her to the hospital, but nothing is wrong. What happened? So, Yume and Mew try to get into Q-chan's dream with "Dream Synchro", but there they come to know Q-chan's true troubles.
10 Mewkledreamy - 10 - Japanese.png Sleepless Yume-chan in a Rainy Day
Amefuri nebusoku yume-chan (雨ふりねぶそくゆめちゃん)
July 05, 2020
The season is the rainy season, and every day there are many rainy days.

Meanwhile, Yume hears from her classmate Kaede that there is a magical saying, "If you put a picture of your favorite person under the pillow, you can see that person's dream." Yume tries to try it with her longing senior Sugiyama. However, Yuni and his friends appeared there...

11 Mewkledreamy - 11 - Japanese.png Let's Play With Nana-chan
Nana-chan to asobo (ななちゃんとあそぼ)
July 12, 2020
Yume will take care of her cousin Nana at her house. At first, she played with Yume with toys and was a in a good mood, but suddenly she noticed that her mom was not here and she cried. Yuni and his friends, who have an eye on Nana, throw Black Abyss into Nana.
12 Mewkledreamy - 12 - Japanese.png I'll Find It First-nyui
Oretchi ga saki ni mitsukeru nyui (オレっちが先に見つけるにゅい)
July 19, 2020
Yume and her friends find out that there are still other Mew's friends, and they all start looking for friends. On the other hand, Yuni and others are enthusiastic about finding it before Mew and others, and desperately start searching. Yuni and his friends went to a mountain as a search location. There are cliffs, birds attack, and Yuni and his friends are exhausted...Can Mew and Yuni find friends?
13 Mewkledreamy - 13 - Japanese.png Transfer Student Tokiwa-chan
Tenkōsei tokiwa-chan (転校生ときわちゃん)
July 26, 2020

A transfer student came to the 1st grade of Ichigo Junior High School where Yume attends.

It was Tokiwa Anzai who helped Wakaba who got lost at the forest school. Yume will soon get along with each other. However, Tokiwa seems to be lacking sleep, perhaps because she is nervous about moving and transferring to another school. After all it is Yuni who aims at it! He throw a black abyss into Tokiwa during a physical education class. Yume and her friends enter into Tokiwa's dream with "Dream Synchro", and there is a new Dreamy Mate they are looking for!?

14 Mewkledreamy - 14 - Japanese.png The Great Battle for Tokiwa-chan
Tokiwa-chan dai sōdatsu (ときわちゃん大争奪)
August 02, 2020
Tokiwa showed tremendous motor nerves at a school ball game tournament. All club activities are in a big battle over Tokiwa!

In addition, he is also good at science, and when he learned that he was particularly familiar with biology and celestial bodies, he became a scout trying to get Tokiwa even in the biology department. Meanwhile, Hasegawa, the director of the chorus club, who is about to enter the chorus contest, injured his finger and could not play the piano accompaniment. When she learned that, she decided to show her more talent!?

15 Mewkledreamy - 15 - Japanese.png Heart-Throbbing Fireworks Festival
Dokidoki hanabi taikai (ドキドキ花火大会)
August 09, 2020
Fireworks display coming soon. Yume and friends rented the latest cute yukata from a stylist Maira knew so that they could go together.

On the other hand, Yume's childhood friend, Asahi, is invited by Morimura, who is in the next class at the women's tennis club, to "go to the fireworks display together." Asahi refused because he had something to do on that day. However, on that day...When he got home, he met Yume, who was heading for the fireworks display in front of her house. Yume invites Asahi to go to the fireworks display together. Then, they met Morimura at the venue...

16 Mewkledreamy - 16 - Japanese.png I Really am Cheer-Chao!
Watashi wa yappari chiatchao! (私はやっぱりチアっちゃお!)
August 16, 2020
Sugiyama has retired from the tennis club at the summer tournament.

Since Sugiyama is in the third year of junior high school, he attends summer classes at the cram school almost every day during the summer vacation. On the other hand, Yume, who was looking forward to seeing Sugiyama playing on the tennis court while practicing the cheerleading club, was disappointed that the fun was taken away. No matter what she does, she is not motivated. So, Maira, Kotoko, and Tokiwa try various things to cheer up Yume...

17 Mewkledreamy - 17 - Japanese.png The Fearsome Cherry-Tomatoman
Kyōfu no puchitomatoman (恐怖のプチトマトマン)
August 23, 2020
As we enter the summer vacation, the summer sun is shining on the garden of Yume's house.

Yume loves summer, but one thing she doesn't like. It's summer, and the cherry tomatoes that grow in the garden...Yes, Yume is not very good at cherry tomatoes. On the other hand, Mew, who ate cherry tomatoes first after falling from the sky, loves cherry tomatoes! She is trying her best to get Yume to like cherry tomatoes, but that's why they got into a fight...

18 Mewkledreamy - 18 - Japanese.png Don't Go to the Cape
Misaki ni itte wa ikenai yo (岬に行ってはいけないよ)
August 30, 2020
Yume and his friends head for a joint summer camp between the cheerleading club and the tennis club. Of course, Mew will keep up with them.

Then, at the training camp, a dubious grandmother said, "Don't go to the cape." Apparently there is "something" at the cape. Apparition? Haunted? What is that? A thrilling summer training camp will begin.

19 Mewkledreamy - 19 - Japanese.png Yume-chan's Birthday in the Training Camp
O tanjōbi yume-chan gasshuku-chū (お誕生日ゆめちゃん合宿中)
September 6, 2020
Yume during the joint training camp of the cheerleading club and the tennis club. Yume will celebrate her birthday during the training camp.

Yume had her family celebrate her birthday every year during the summer vacation, but she is also glad that everyone who came to the training camp celebrates with her this year! Moreover, on the day of the birthday, they decided to have a BBQ together at the suggestion of Teacher Aoi! Asahi went out for shopping to prepare for BBQ, but Morimura confessed on the way! It happened that Yume was also there...

20 Mewkledreamy - 20 - Japanese.png Bonjour! Rei-kun
Bonjūru! Rei-kun (ボンジュール!れいくん)
September 13, 2020
On the way back from the summer training camp, Asahi picks up a stuffed animal that has fallen from the sky at the front door.

The stuffed animal is called "Rei", and for some reason it said "Bonjour!" and started talking like a gentleman. Everywhere Asahi goes, he puts Rei, who follows along, in his bag. Asahi is scared to get caught, even for his childhood friend Yume. On the other hand, Yume and her friends, who haven't finished their summer vacation homework, went to Kotoko's house to do their homework. Yume also noticed that Asahi was acting strange...

21 Mewkledreamy - 21 - Japanese.png Kanta and Kenta's Dream Synchro
Kanta to kenta no yumeshinkuro (寛太と健太のユメシンクロ)
September 20, 2020
Tokiwa has two very energetic younger brothers, Kanta and Kenta.

They look exactly like each other! Which is Kanta and which is Kenta, even those who are familiar with them will make a mistake. It often happens that they both think the same thing or have the same dream. Kanta, who is the older brother, hasn't been doing well since the beginning of the second semester. Tokiwa and his younger brother Kenta are worried, but it seems that the cause is an "event" that will be held at school soon...

22 Mewkledreamy - 22 - Japanese.png Sugiyama☆Paradise
Sugiyama☆Paradaisu (スギヤマ☆パラダイス)
September 27, 2020
Yuni and co., who are looking for the new Dreamy Mate, infiltrated Yume's junior high school after being told by the Queen of Nightmare to "look near Yume".

On the other hand, in the school, strange phenomena occurred frequently, was it yokai? It's a fuss! Meanwhile, Yuni and co., who were found by Yume, inadvertently confessed that "a boy near Yume picked up a new Dreamy Mate"! Hearing so, Yume and others tried to find the new Dreamy Mate...maybe "he" is the owner of the Dreamy Mate?

23 Mewkledreamy - 23 - Japanese.png Hana-chan's Dream
Hana-chan no yume (はなちゃんの夢)
October 4, 2020
Hana Shiraishi, who has been close to Yume since she was in elementary school, loves to draw and is in the art club.

Hana not only draws pictures, but in fact she always dreams of becoming a manga artist and applied for various contests. However, although she is good at drawing, Hana is not very good at thinking about stories. She doesn't know what to do and is worried alone... It was Yuni who aimed at such Hana. When he found Hana's Black Schema, he threw her a Black Abyss. Can Hana draw her favorite manga?

24 Mewkledreamy - 24 - Japanese.png The Powered-Up Cultural Festival
Pawāappu na bunkasai (パワーアップな文化祭)
October 11, 2020
Enjoy school life! The school festival is approaching.

Yume's class will play "Mole Hitting Game". The roles of moles are Asahi and Shouhei! The teacher, Mr. Aoi, is also very excited. They worked hard to prepare! On the other hand, it seems that Maira and Peko are also planning to hold a comedy live. Everyone is excited on the day of the school festival! But Aoi, who was so enthusiastic, is not energetic. What happened?

25 Mewkledreamy - 25 - Japanese.png Dreamy Mates Assemble!
Dorīmīmeito dayo zen'in shūgō! (ドリーミーメイトだよ全員集合!)
October 18, 2020
Yume and her friends tried to save Teacher Aoi, who had been in trouble because of Yuni's Black Abyss, with Dream Synchro.

However, she couldn't purify the Black Abyss with the Mewkle Stick...this is the first time for her. Aoi couldn't get help's going to be a big trouble! At that time, Yume realized that the owner of the other Dreamy Mate was a familiar person...

26 Mewkledreamy - 26 - Japanese.png Do Your Childhood Friends Understand It?
Osana najimi ni wa wakaru no? (おさななじみにはわかるの?)
October 25, 2020
Sugiyama is very close to Yuri Sawamura, a childhood friend who lives in the neighborhood.

Yuri recently notices something is wrong with Sugiyama. It's harder to talk to him than before... Meanwhile, the student council will be replaced, and the student council president will be changed from Sugiyama of the third grade to Kakumoto of the second grade, and the vice-president will be changed from Yuri to Maruyama. Among them, Maruyama, who admires Sugiyama, is enthusiastic to aim for the best as much as he can be like Sugiyama! However, he got a ridiculous score in the test...

27 Mewkledreamy - 27 - Japanese.png Welcome! To the Castle in the Sky
Yōkoso! O sora no ue no o shiro e (ようこそ!お空の上のお城へ)
November 1, 2020
The mid-term test is over, and Yume and friends will go hiking next Sunday. They headed to Ichigo Hill, which has the best view in the city.

However, when they came to the hill's observatory, they suddenly teleported above the clouds!? "Where is it? Where is it?" There was a castle in the sky! The Queen of Miracle Dreamy Kingdom invited everyone to the sky!

28 Mewkledreamy - 28 - Japanese.png Maira My Love ♥
Maira mai rabu ♡ (まいらマイラブ♡)
November 8, 2020
Maira's birthday is coming soon. Yume and her friends get excited about having a party, but Maira seems to have something important to do on that day...

Yume and her friends thought she had to work, but actually on that day, it's the anniversary of her mother's death, so she will go to Kyoto with her father to visit her mother's grave. Yume and others didn't know that her mother had died and are very surprised. Furthermore, Yuni and his friends are aiming for such Maira...

29 Mewkledreamy - 29 - Japanese.png The Scared Pumpkin
Kowagari no kabocha-san (こわがりのカボチャさん)
November 15, 2020
Halloween coming soon! Yume and others decided to disguise themselves together.

When they learned that a costume competition would be held, they all entered. It seems to be fun to decide what kind of disguise each one should wear. In particular, Maira and Peko seem to be aiming for the championship more than anyone else. On the other hand, Yuni throws a Yuni-chi Abyss into a pumpkin lantern. It's a strategy to aim for a chance while everyone is enjoying Halloween! The day of the disguise contest has come. Within the fun atmosphere in the city, a pumpkin man rampages, but in reality, the pumpkin man is...?

30 Mewkledreamy - 30 - Japanese.png Yomi and Mukki
Yomī to mukkī (ヨミーとムッキー)
November 22, 2020
The mind-sensing robot "Yomi" announced by Kotoko at the school festival won the highest award in the student category of the science and technology contest!

In recognition of her achievements, she was invited to enter the super prestigious school "Clever High School", which is famous for robotics, by recommendation! It is Erito Kurosawa, a former third-year computer club member, who is staring at Kotoko, who is praised by everyone, with cold eyes. In fact, Erito also loves robots, and he was aiming to be recommended to Clever High School by winning the highest award for his high-tech robot "Mukki". A Black Schema appears in the frustrated Erito. Yuni and his friends immediately throw in a Black Abyss... But actually, Erito has a different feeling for Kotoko...

31 Mewkledreamy - 31 - Japanese.png Yume-chan's Exciting Date
Dēto de dokidoki yume-chan (デートでドキドキゆめちゃん)
November 29, 2020
Yume is surprised when she was suddenly invited by Sugiyama to go to the flea market together.

Yume tried to invite Yuri who was there by chance, but Yuri told her, "Go together. Tell me what it is like later." Yuri is supposed to study abroad, but it seems that she couldn't tell that to Sugiyama properly... Yume is a little worried, but Maira, Kotoko and Tokiwa are all excited to say, "This is a date!" Yume is going to dress up on the day...

32 Mewkledreamy - 32 - Japanese.png The Birthday's on One-One-Ichigo!
Tanjōbi wa wan wan ichigō! (誕生日はワンワンいちごー!)
December 6, 2020
Asahi's birthday is coming soon. Yume went to school thinking about what to give to Asahi.

At school, everyone in the Sugiyama fan club had set up a tent and was accepting birthday gifts for Sugiyama. Sugiyama and Asahi have the same birthday! Meanwhile, Yume went to the shopping mall with everyone to buy Asahi's birthday present. There, she happened to meet Yuri and was forced to give a birthday present to Sugiyama...

33 Mewkledreamy - 33 - Japanese.png Hope it can be Reached, Dreamy Charm
Todoku to īna dorīmīchāmu (届くといいな ドリーミーチャーム)
December 13, 2020
Yume is consulted by Yuri when Sugiyama seems strange.

Yuri said that they couldn't talk with each other and go to school together like they used to. Yume, who has been admiring the good relationship between Yuri and Sugiyama, wants them to be returned to normal, and thus decided to enter Sugiyama's dream to find out why they have changed. Mew and others also entered the dream of Sugiyama. However, the world they saw there was...

34 Mewkledreamy - 34 - Japanese.png To the Ranch with Maira-chan
Maira-chan to bokujō e (まいらちゃんと牧場へ)
December 20, 2020
The annual model popularity vote for the magazine "Petit Strawberry", in which Maira is a model, will be held.

If one wins, one can become the cover of the New Year's oversized issue. And last year's victor was Maira. Maira wasn't interested in the ranking at all, but the manager was motivated and said, "You'll win again this year!" Therefore, in order to get the public to know Maira more, they will go on a strategy to post a video under the name of "Ichimo's Social Studying Tour". Maira decided to go to the "APON Ranch", which she always wanted to visit, as a place to visit for social studies. Yume and friends will accompany them to experience the ranch, but at that ranch, there is a girl who once longed for being a model and applied for an audition...

35 Mewkledreamy - 35 - Japanese.png Wish Upon the Shooting Stars ☆
Nagareboshi ni onegai ☆ (流れ星にお願い☆)
December 27, 2020
Yume and others heard that the "Gemini meteor shower" will be seen soon.

However, the meteor shower doesn't look very good in the neighborhood of their house, but it's often seen in Yamanashi, where Tokiwa lived. So, they went to Tokiwa's grandparents' house and everyone was excited to see the shooting stars. When they saw the shooting stars, they started to wonder what to wish... Eh? The shooting star seemed strange!?

36 Mewkledreamy - 36 - Japanese.png Be Happy with Everyone in the Holiday Season!
Nenmatsunenshi wa min'na de happī! (年末年始はみんなでハッピー!)
January 10, 2021
The second semester is over and Christmas is coming soon! Yume and her friends will have a Christmas party at Kotoko's house.

Asahi and Rei were also invited to exchange gifts. And on the day of Christmas, Yume headed to the cake shop to pick up the reserved Christmas cake. There, she met the children of the cake shop's owners, Yuuki and Ai, but they seemed to be a little lonely because their father and mother are busy. Yuni and his friends are aiming for those two, and Yume's party is messed up!

37 Mewkledreamy - 37 - Japanese.png Sugiyama-senpai's Secret
Sugiyama-senpai no himitsu (杉山先輩のひみつ)
January 17, 2021
On the morning of the opening ceremony, Yume dreamt of collecting a lot of Dreamy Stones in the Dreamy Box.

In that dream, the Queen Above the Skies will fulfill one wish as promised...but at the same time, Mew and Yume will no longer be Dream Partners! Yume jumped up in the middle of her dream as she didn't like that. She couldn't get the dream out of her mind, and even at school... On the other hand, Sugiyama were contacted by "someone" who lives in the United States. It was from Sugiyama's younger brother, Akihito, commonly known as Akki, who is studying abroad. And Akki is actually a ridiculous super younger brother.

38 Mewkledreamy - 38 - Japanese.png Don't Let Go of Mew-chan!
Myū-chan o hanasanai! (みゅーちゃんを離さない!)
January 24, 2021
Yume is worried that if she collects all the Dreamy Stones, she might have to say goodbye to Mew. She couldn't even focus in Cheerleading Club activities, and Tokiwa, Wakaba, and even Yui, the director of the Cheerleading Club, were worried about Yume. However, Yui also has a problem...
39 Mewkledreamy - 39 - Japanese.png Rock Pebble & Stones
Rokku peburu & sutōnzu (ロック・ペブル&ストーンズ)
January 31, 2021
Yume's dad has a hobby of collecting stones. One day, a rare stone was put up for sale on a stone auction site, and Dad succeeded in making a successful bid at a very low price! Yuni and his friends, who were looking into such a situation, secretly exchanged the stone that arrived by courier a few days later for Yunicchi Abyss. Because of that, Yume's dad is in trouble!?
40 Mewkledreamy - 40 - Japanese.png Snowman, Don't Melt
Yukidaruma-san tokenaide (雪だるまさん溶けないで)
February 7, 2021
It is snowing in Ichigo Town, where Yume and her friends live. Mew and her friends were surprised at their first snow. On the other hand, in the park, Tokiwa's twin brothers Kanta and Kenta were making snowmen. However, as it had become evening during their making, they had to go home and finish the rest tomorrow. However, the next day, Kenta caught a cold, and in the meantime, the snowman he was making melted...
41 Mewkledreamy - 41 - Japanese.png Distributing Valentine's Japanese Sweets!
Barentain wagashi kubatchao! (バレンタイン和菓子配っちゃお!)
February 14, 2021
Everyone is excited as Valentine's Day approaches. Mew and her friends are also having fun making chocolate. Yume's classmate Suama Shiratama is the daughter of a Japanese sweets shop, who claims "Valentine's chocolate is strange. Dumplings are fine!" and holds a "Dumplings for Valentine's Day" campaign. On the other hand, Yuni and his friends, aiming at the sickness of the hearts of boys who have nothing to do with Valentine's Day, threw a Yunicchi Abyss into them. It's a big fuss on Valentine's Day!
42 Mewkledreamy - 42 - Japanese.png Suddenly a Stone Treasure!
Otakara ishi wa totsuzen ni! (おたから石は突然に!)
February 21, 2021
There is a chance to meet Mr. Sekishuusai Imai, a legendary stone collector whom Yume's dad respects! Moreover, if one answers the quiz and solve it, they will receive a precious stone as a gift. However, Yume's dad got a sudden job on the day of the event. To help her disappointed dad, Yume and her friends challenged Mr. Sekishuusai's stone quiz! However, Yuni and his friends got in the way...
43 Mewkledreamy - 43 - Japanese.png Cheer on Your Seniors!
Senpai-tachi ni chiatchao! (先輩たちにチアっちゃお!)
February 28, 2021
Sugiyama, Kotoko, and third-year junior high school students are going to take the high school exam. Yume and her friends pray for success for their seniors. Meanwhile, Kaede's sister, Momiji, who is always a solid person, was very strange. She was strangely nervous, and was in a hurry with all the extra worries. After seeing the situation, Yuni and his friends threw a Black Abyss into Momiji... On the other hand, it seems that something is wrong with Sugiyama!?
44 Mewkledreamy - 44 - Japanese.png Akki is Back!
Akkī ga kaette kita! (アッキーが帰って来た!)
March 7, 2021
Sugiyama's younger brother, super elementary school student Akki, is returning from the United States. A class visit was held at Ichigo Middle School, and Akki decided to go to school with his mom. There, Akki, who saw Yume's Math class while passing by, broke into the class. And finally, Sugiyama started to have actions...
45 Mewkledreamy - 45 - Japanese.png Was it a Nightmare Castle?
Akumu no oshiro datta ka mo? (悪夢のお城だったかも?)
March 14, 2021
Yume and her friends went on a picnic in Ichig Hill to make fun memories together before Kotoko graduates. However, there is a ridiculous secret in Ichigo Hill! As they entered a mysterious castle-like building, Tokiwa, Maira, and Kotoko gradually became sleepy... And the identity of the Night Mask is revealed!
46 Mewkledreamy - 46 - Japanese.png Queen and Queen
Joō-sama to joō-sama (女王さまと女王様)
March 21, 2021
Yume and Mew can't hide their surprises after they knew the true identity of the Night Mask. On the other hand, in order to save Maira, Kotoko and Tokiwa, who stay asleep and never wake up, Peko, Suu and Nene went to search for the Queen of Nightmares. And there, the secret of the Queen of Nightmares was revealed... Meanwhile, Rei and Asahi took some action to help everyone!
47 Mewkledreamy - 47 - Japanese.png Yume-chan's Dream
Yume-chan no yume (ゆめちゃんの夢)
March 28, 2021
Kotoko, Maira and Tokiwa have been stolen of their memories by the Queen of Nightmares. All three woke up from sleep, but even though they knew Yume, they didn't remember their partners at all. The partners were shocked. To regain their memory, Yume must purify the Queen of Nightmares's Black Abyss. Asahi and Rei got on Pegasus and went to the Miracle Dreamy Kingdom to pick up the Queen Above the Skies and reconcile the sisters. On the other hand, Sugiyama began to suffer from his own memories of the past...
48 Mewkledreamy - 48 - Japanese.png Congratulations on Your Graduation Admission!
Sotsugyō nyūgaku omedetō! (卒業入学おめでとう!)
April 4, 2021
The day of the graduation ceremony for Kotoko and Sugiyama has arrived. Yume and friends are in charge of putting flowers on the chests of the graduates. They will put on flowers while thanking the seniors who have taken care of them so far. And then spring break comes. A little loneliness on everyone's departure, and expectations for new encounters when they become seniors this time... Yume's heart is filled with various thoughts... Meanwhile, Yuni and co. also declared graduation from Sugiyama. He is leaving Ichigo Town...

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