This page contains a complete list of all episodes of Mewkledreamy Mix! along with their air dates and short summaries.


No. Screenshot Episode Title Japanese airdate
01 Mewkledreamy Mix - 01 - Japanese.png Dream Synchro Completed!
Yumeshinkuro deki chatta! (ユメシンクロできちゃった!)
April 11, 2021
Yume became a sophomore in Ichigo Junior High. She is very happy to be in the same class with Maira, Tokiwa and friends! Feeling joyful, Yume, who came back to her house, noticed that Mewkle Star is shining. And Yume and Mew were flown to a certain place! On the other hand, Naomi, a model companion of Maira, is acting strange. Could it be...!?
02 Mewkledreamy Mix - 02 - Japanese.png Yuni-kun Leaves it to the Wind
Yuni-kun wa kaze makase (ゆにくんは風まかせ)
April 18, 2021
Recruitment of club activities for new students has begun. Of course, Yume's cheerleading club will also do their best to show off their cheerleading and acquire members! Such busy Yume and co. are worried about the thing that felt like Black Abyss. Everyone who was having a strategy meeting at the castle in the sky thought that Yuni might know something, and decided to look for Yuni, who went on a trip. But where to look? ...In such case, a certain function of Dreamy Compass will be very useful!
03 100px Happy Birthday Tokiwa-chan
Happī bāsudei tokiwa-chan (ハッピーバースデイときわちゃん)
April 25, 2021
Tokiwa's birthday is approaching! We will have a party at the castle in the sky with Yume and Myu! Meanwhile, Yuni and others appeared at school! And Yuni and others have a new boss!?? And on the day of your birthday. Due to the power-ups of Yuni, the birthday cake of Tokiwa has become difficult!
04 100px Ichi & Naru Are Here!
Itchī ando naru ga yatte kita! (いっちー&なるがやってきた!)
May 2, 2021
05 100px Chia-chan Babu♡
Chia-chan babū♡ (ちあちゃんばぶー♡)
May 9, 2021

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