Kotoko Imai (今井 ことこ Imai Kotoko) is one of the five main human protagonists in the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in the last part of Episode 1. Her partner is Suu.

She is voiced by Eri Yukimura.



Kotoko has teal-blue eyes and long, dark blue hair with two straight locks that frame her face, as well as braided sections that are tied in the back.

She has a beauty mark on her left cheek, teal-blue eyes and she sometimes wears a pair of blue glasses.

Her school uniform is the same as Yume Hinata's. It consists of a white shirt with dark pink cuffs and four buttons, as well as a dark pink pleated skirt. She wears long, black socks. As for her summer uniform, she wears a short-sleeved shirt with a light blue vest and a creamy-white skirt with a red stripe at the bottom.


She was 14 years old in the first season, and turned 15 in Mix!.


Kotoko is a intelligent girl who is good at taking care of people.

She is dense and oblivious when it comes to romance and just treats the confession as admiration and respect.

She wishes for a society where humans and robots live peacefully together.


Suu: Suu is Kotoko's partner.

Kotokoto: Kotokoto is Kotoko's first robot of her creation. She cherishes it.

Ritsu Imai: Ritsu is Kotoko's older brother.

Yume Hinata & Maira Tsukishima: They end Kotoko's name with "senpai", indicating that she looks up to her or that Kotoko is older than Yume and Maira. They three are all Dream Partners.

Haruhito Sugiyama & Yuri Sawamura: Haruhito and Yuri are Kotoko's classmate.


Kotoko came from a family of teachers starting from her grandfather then continuing to her father.

Kotoko's grades are the top of the third-years at Ichigo Junior High School and of their prefecture.

She is the president of the computer club.

In Episode 30 it’s revealed Kotoko in her first year she wanted to join a club about making robots or programming called Robot club but since the school doesn’t have one she has to make one with herself as President but had trouble getting members but during that time Erito Kurosawa applied to be Vice President since he likes robots and Erito suggested the club name be PC Club instead of the Robot Club in order to gather more people.


  • Kotoko's surname Imai means "now" (今) (ima) and "well, mine shaft, pit" (井) (i).


  • She is the most popular female student of Ichigo Junior High School, in contrast to Haruhito Sugiyama being the most popular male student, as in Episode 6 it is shown that she receives love letters from both genders.
  • Kotoko is very advanced in her studies.


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