Dream Synchro (ユメシンクロ Yume shinkuro) is an ability appears in the Mewkledreamy anime.


Dream Synchro allows anyone to visit others' dream. Mew has the power of Dream Synchro as revealed in Episode 1.

At first, only Dreamy Mates and Yume Hinata can use this ability since Yume is Mew's Dream Partner, according to Peko's Guidebook in Episode 5. In Episode 46, it is revealed that Rei and Asahi Minamikawa can also perform Dream Synchro using Prince Stone. Starting from Mix!, Dream Partners other than Yume can also use this ability with the help of Dreamy Compass.

It can only be used if one is trying to help someone who is worried or in trouble. One should never use it for selfish reasons, as mentioned in Episode 3. Yume wears a Dream Costume when entering a dream.

In Episode 29 according to Mew's Guidebook it is forbidden to wear a Halloween costume to do Dream Synchro.

List of Dream Synchros

  • In Episode 1 Yume and Mew used it for the first-time to visit Haruna Hinata's dream to purify her Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 2 Yume uses it to decide which club she want to do.
  • In Episode 3 Yume went to enter Haruhito Sugiyama's dream but Yuni interferes in causing her to end up in Maira Tsukishima's dream.
  • In Episode 4 to find out if Maira's stuffed animal is a Dreamy Mate but it to soon to purify a Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 5 to find out what Kotoko Imai's nightmare is which turn out to be out a Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 6 to visit Kotoko's dream when she fainted after when she met Suu, Mew and Peko for the first time.
  • In Episode 7 to purify Asahi Minamikawa's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 8 to purify Wakaba Midorino's Black Abyss but only Mew and Peko came with Yume this time.
  • In Episode 9 to find out why Q-Chan is sad but it soon turns to purify his Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 10 to find out what is going on with Yume's dream but it soon it turns out to be a Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 11 to purify Nana Gotou's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 13 to purify Tokiwa Anzai's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 14 to purify Hasegawa's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 15 to purify Morimura's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 17 to go into Yume's dream to stop the Cherry-Tomatoman that came from her dream which turn out to be a Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 18 to find out what is the ghost name. This time only Mew and Nene came with Yume.
  • In Episode 21 to purify Kanta Anzai's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 22 Yume tried entering Haruhito's dream again with Mew but ended up in Yoshimi Oshio's dream.
  • In Episode 23 to purify Hana Shiraishi's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 24 to purify Teacher Aoi's Black Abyss but could not be purified up due to Haruhito showing up to stop the purification until in Episode 25 when Rei and Asahi joined and power up the Mewkle Stick purify Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 26 to purify Yoshio Maruyama’s Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 28 to stop Yuni from using his magic on Maira.
  • In Episode 29 to purify an unnamed man's Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 30 to purify Erito Kurosawa's Black Abyss. This time only Mew, Suu, Peko and Nene came with Yume.
  • In Episode 31 to practice Yume's day out with Sugiyama to the flea market they were going to go.
  • In Episode 33 Yume tried to visit Haruhito's dream again but after a battle with Yuni, Yume and the Dreamy Mates ended up in a dream with a younger Haruhito and Yuri which Yume thinks they have ended up in someone else's dream again.
  • In Episode 34 to purify Himeka Amoto’s Black Abyss.
  • In Epiosde 35 to purify a shooting star’s Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 36 to purify Ai’s and Yuuki’s Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 38 to purify Yui Aida's Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 39 to purify Yume’s father's Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 40 to purify Kenta Anzai's Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 41 to purify a few unnamed boys' Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 42 to purify a ice cream shop owner's Black Abyss but it turns out he didn’t have one. But soon Yume purified his Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss.
  • In Episode 43 to purify Momiji Akana’s Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 44 to purify a group of middle school girls Black Abyss.
  • In Episode 46 it's revealed that Asahi Mimikawa and Rei can do a Dream Synchro with the Prince Stone.



  • Yume's friends wore there own Dream Costume in Episode 27 when visiting Miracle Dreamy Kingdom.
    • Yume Dream Costume got upgraded in Episode 44.
  • Yume tried to do Dream Synchro in Episode 19 but got interrupted by Asahi.
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