Chia (ちあ) is a kitten character debuting in Episode 5 of Mewkledreamy Mix!. She is also a part of the Mewkledreamy franchise.

Her voice actress is Kana Ichinose.



Chia is a baby pale pink plush kitten with pink ears, arms, legs and tail. Her eyes are magenta. The white fur around her muzzle forms a heart shape. She wears a light blue ribbon with white dots on each ear, a white frilly neck decoration, as well as a light blue diaper with a pink bow. Like the main kittens, she has star-shaped paw pads (but those are yellow unlike others) and a yellow star in her left ear.


Chia is energetic that can bring smiles to anyone. She loves being hugged.



Similar to Mew, Chia fell from the sky, but was deliberately sent by Lucia and Lyra to Yume's house.



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