The Black Abysses (ブラックアビス Burakku abisu) are an item appears in the Mewkledreamy anime.


Black Abysses are stones that can be put into people that have Black Schema (ブラックスキーマ Burakku sukīma), a black smoke-like matter that represents one's negative emotion, and cause chaos. The Queen of Nightmare's goal is to spread them as mentioned in Episode 14. Yuni uses the Crescent Moon Yuni Stick to put them into people.

Even though Yume Hinata is tasked to eliminate Black Abysses, she is not immune to getting one as shown that Yuni waited for an opportunity to plant a Black Abyss in her when she gets a Black Schema, as shown in Episode 16.

Yuni can even insert Black Abysses into those who do not even produce Black Schema as long as they are in a dream, like Maira Tsukishima in Episode 4.

Suu's glasses has the ability to see and pinpoint the location of the Black Abysses, as shown in Episode 7.

In Episode 44 it showed Black Abyss bigger than normal.

List of Victims

Dreamy Mates who went into the Victim's Dream Black Abyss Victim Description
Episode 1 Mew Haruna Hinata Haruna was feeling stressed out at work. It made her go wild.
Episode 4 Mew and Peko Maira Tsukihima Yuni put it in the takoyaki of Maira dream.
Episode 5 Mew and Peko Kotoko Imai Within Kotoko dream it cause the dream Kotokoto to rampage.
Episode 7 Mew, Suu and Peko Asahi Minamikawa Asahi was frustrated that his failed tennis shots.
Episode 8 Mew and Peko Wakaba Midorino Wakaba anger at Kaede Akana for her meddling.
Episode 9 Mew, Suu and Peko Q-chan Yuni put a Black Abyss into a toy monkey he found on the ground and put it in the Q-chan dream.
Episode 11 Mew, Suu and Peko Nana Gotou Nana was missing her mother.
Episode 13 Suu, Mew and Peko Tokiwa Anzai Tokiwa lack of sleep because of her weird dreams which later it reveals she has them because of her worry of going to a new school.
Episode 14 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Hasegawa Hasegawa unable to play the piano due to her injured arm.
Episode 15 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Morimura Morimura misunderstood that Asahi lied to her, thinking that he didn’t want to go with her to the summer festival and thought Yume was his girlfriend.
Episode 21 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Kanta Anzai Kanta doesn’t want to learn to swim for his swim test because of his fear of Kappa.
Episode 23 Peko, Mew and Nene Hana Shiraishi Hana doubt about her talent of creating a manga. Kuro-chan became apart of it when he tried to push Hana out of the way of the Black Abyss.
Episode 24 Episode 25
  • Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene (Episode 24)
  • Peko, Mew, Suu, Nene and Rei (Episode 25)
Teacher Aoi He was upset when his girlfriend Mii dumped him but wasn’t purified until the next episode
Episode 26 Peko, Mew, Suu, Nene and Rei Yoshio Maruyama He gotten anxious over his test scores
Episode 30 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Erito Kurosawa Erito frustrations at Kotoko for being better than him and for taking away the invitation to Kureba Academy that he sought for.
Episode 34 Peko, Mew, Suu, Nene and Rei Himeka Amoto While Maira was visiting her ranch, she felt inferior because of Maira's charm.
Episode 37 None Haruhito Sugiyama The Queen of Nightmares inserted a Black Abyss into him thus intensifying his evil side.
Episode 38 Mew Yui Aida Yui was feeling stressed out by her duties towards the cheerleading club and cram school.
Episode 43 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Momiji Akana Momiji worries about her exams.
Episode 44 Peko, Mew, Peko, Suu and Nene 3 middle school girls They do not want to graduate from middle school.

List of Yunicchi Abyss Victims

Yunicchi Abyss is Yuni's own type of Black Abyss that he made.

Dreamy Mates who went into the Victim's Dream Yunicchi Abyss Victim Description
Episode 10 Mew Yume Hinata Yuni put it into Yume photo of Haruhito Sugiyama and Yuri Sawamura.

List of Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Abyss Victims

It is Yuni's own type of Black Abyss that he made.

Dreamy Mates who went into the Victim's


Super Deluxe Yunicchi Yunicchi Victim Description
Episode 17 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene Yume While Yume was sleeping it brought the Cherry-Tomatoman from her dream to life.
Episode 29 Peko, Mew, Suu and Nene unnamed man Yuni put it in a pumpkin and it ended up infecting a unnamed man. The man was sad because he had to work while everyone was having fun with Halloween.
Episode 35 Peko, Mew, Suu, Rei and Nene A shooting star Yuni put it in one of the shooting stars that Yume and her friends were wishing on.
Episode 36 Peko, Mew, Suu, Rei and Nene Ai and Yuuki They were jealous of everyone celebrating Christmas except for them since there parents are busy.
Episode 39 Peko, Mew, Suu, Nene and Rei Mr Hinata Yuni placed it in the Dumortierite that Mr Hinata bought.
Episode 40 Peko, Mew, Suu, Rei and Nene Kenta Anzai Kenta was sad because his snowman had melted, and he never got to build his snowman Kenken.
Episode 41 Mew Unnamed Boys It came a few boys hatred of Valentines Day because they could not get any chocolates from anyone. It cause a chocolate man to appear that eat the the chocolate and wanted to erase Valentine Day which the dream started to affect the real world which starting erase Valentine Day in Ichigo Town until Asahi dressed up as a girl and gave out dumplings from Rice Dumpling Haven to all the unpopular boys which everyone got satisfied and the dream influence cease and the Abyss was purified.
Episode 42 Peko, Mew and Nene Unnamed Ice cream shop owner He gotten it when Yuni put it in him while Yume, Peko, Mew and Nene were in the Ice cream shop owner dream.


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