Asahi Minamikawa (南川 朝陽 Minamikawa Asahi) is one of the five main human protagonists in the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in Episode 1. He is the partner of Rei.

His voice actor is Yūsuke Kobayashi.



Asahi has slightly wavy hair that is dark brown His front hair is like a anime shag mullet. He has olive green eyes.

His school uniform is the same from most of the boys in school, like Shouhei Kitada. His school uniform consists a white suit with a white and red collar with pockets and four buttons, as well as daisy white pants, he also has a white shirt under his suit.


Asahi was 12 at the beginning, and turned 13 in Episode 32.


Asahi is good at sports and has good grades at school. However, he is shy with his feelings, especially towards Yume. He is also a bit clumsy. and sometimes likes to showoff


Yume Hinata: Yume is Asahi's classmate and neighbor, as well as childhood friend. He has a crush on her.

Rei: Rei is Asahi's partner.

Shouhei Kitada: Shouhei is a good friend of Asahi who knew each other ever since grade school.

Wakaba Midorino, Kaede Akana, Hana Shiraishi: They are Asahi's friends since grade school.

Maira Tsukishima & Tokiwa Anzai: They are Asahi's classmates.

Haruhito Sugiyama: Haruhito is the leader of the tennis club, which Asahi is belonged to.

Keigo Ozawa: Kozawa is a senior in the tennis club who practices tennis with Asahi.

Teacher Aoi: Aoi is Asahi's class teacher.


Asahi is Yume Hinata's classmate and neighbour, as well as childhood friend who joins the tennis club.


  • The name Asahi means "morning" (朝) (asa) and "light, sun, male" (陽) (hi).
  • Asahi's surname Minamikawa means "south" (南) (minami) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).


  • Asahi is the first and, so far, only male Dream Partner in the anime series (not counting Haruhito due to being brainwashed and turned into an antagonist).
  • Asahi shares his name with Asahi Kasumi from the Aikatsu Stars! series.
  • He has the same birthday as Haruhito.
  • In Episode 15 Asahi mention he has an uncle.
  • Asahi is good at Math and got an A in the first semester.
  • In Episode 41, it is said that Asahi would never cross-dress, only if it were for Yume.
  • In Episode 46, it is revealed that Asahi gets a transformation.


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