Akihito Sugiyama (杉山 亮仁 Sugiyama Akihito) is a human character of the Mewkledreamy anime, debuting in Episode 37. He becomes one of the main characters in Mewkledreamy Mix!.

His voice actress is Yukiyo Fujii.




Akihito is 12 years old.


Akihito is very intelligent with IQ of 250.


Haruhito Sugiyama: He is Akihito's older brother.

Akumu: She asks Akihito to help her spread nightmares.


Akihito is Haruhito's younger brother. Due to his intelligence, he is currently studying at a university in America even at the age of 12.

In Episode 37, it is revealed according to Yuri Sawamura that he mastered high school Math by the age of 5 and a program he made in kindergarten has received worldwide acclaim. After that a university in America scouted Akihito to be part of the university's research facility where he is involved in a top secret American project. Yuri even heard he is even serving as the president’s advisor.

Starting from Mix!, he enrolled into Ichigo Junior High School and became a first-year student there. He also became an antagonist by helping Akumu to spread nightmares.



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